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Ear Deformity

Congenital, Traumatic or from Mohs Surgery

Ear Deformity

What is an Ear Deformity Surgery?

Dr. Derderian may perform an ear deformity surgery to repair an underdeveloped outer ear, reshape protruding or pointy ears, or remove an excess skin fold.

How do Ear Deformities Occur?

Ear defects can result from the improper development of an ear during pregnancy, some type of trauma, or cancer removal surgery. The patient often suffers severe emotional distress about his or her appearance. Dr. Derderian relies on his in-depth understanding of facial anatomy in all of his partial or total ear defect reconstruction surgeries. His goals are to provide a natural-looking ear, achieve facial symmetry, and maintain hearing capabilities.

What Happens During an Ear Deformity Surgery?

Although each ear reconstruction surgery is unique, Dr. Derderian usually begins by making an incision behind the existing ear area. In some cases, he may then remove and reshape the existing cartilage and skin to achieve the desired effect. For other cases he may need to add to the existing tissue in order to create a more natural appearing ear.

How Do I Recover From an Ear Deformity Surgery?

Depending on the extent of your procedure, you may need to have dressings or a headband on the surgical area for a few days after the procedure. You may experience some mild discomfort, but let our staff know immediately if you feel any significant amount of pain. You will not be able to sleep on your side for a week or so, in order to not disturb the healing process.

Dr. Derderian’s Approach to Ear Deformity Surgery

Dr. Christopher Derderian has extensive fellowship training and is board-certified in plastic surgery, which distinguishes his training and credentials from many other doctors. He possesses diagnostic acumen, precise surgical technique, and an advanced understanding of facial anatomy and physiology. He utilizes the most advanced treatment techniques available today. A consultation and physical examination can help point a way to the best approach to your ear deformity surgery needs.

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